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Tactical Systems Integration Division

The Tactical Systems Integration division is Ashbury's cornerstone business unit within the company. TSI works extensively throughout the international security, law enforcement, military and special operations communities designing, manufacturing and integrating tactical equipment to meet the needs of specialist forces.

Ashbury works with an expanding yet select group of leading global equipment manufacturers to provide our customers with rugged and effective security, infantry and special operations oriented equipment to meet the requirements of these demanding user communities. Today, Ashbury has expanded and added new capabilities to its well developed systems integration corporate skill set. Ashbury now provides its customers with engineering, rapid prototyping and small arms manufacturing capabilities in its new Virginia facility.

The Tactical Systems Integration Division is further tasked with staying abreast of emerging technologies, which in turn allows Ashbury to better assist government organizations and military activities in fulfilling their tactical equipment requirements. Ashbury has an in-house capability to design, engineer, prototype and manufacture equipment to meet customer specifications, in large or small production runs. We also provide critical RDT&E technical services to customers regarding the enhancement of existing infantry and SOF related equipment systems.


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