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Image of Ashbury International Group's SABER-FORSST chassis
Saber-FORSST MOD-0 button for interactive view.
Saber-FORSST MOD-1 button for interactive view.

The ASW338LM is a fully integrated precision rifle platform based on the advanced SABER®-FORSST® modular stock chassis system and the robust Surgeon XL-II bolt action receiver available in 5 and 10 round magazine variants. The ASW338LM weapons platform is engineered around the highly versatile .338 Lapua Magnum medium caliber cartridge and family of specialty projectiles. As a purpose built and engineered commercially-off-the-shelf (COTS) precision sniper rifle platform, the ASW338LM enables snipers to engage threats both in the open and those lightly armored, out to 1500 meters in the visible, infrared and thermal spectrums. An optional Sniper Equipment Suite (SES) matched to the ASW338LM rifle platform enhances the snipers the flexibility and capability to carry-out a broader range of missions. Ashbury’s Sniper Equipment Suite (SES) can be modified and configured to meet any specific end-user requirements.

- SABER®-FORSST® Folding Rifle Stock System Tactical (Design and Utility Patents Pending)

- .338 Lapua Magnum

- Surgeon XL-II Bolt Action Receiver

- Rock Creek Pinnacle™ Series 416R SS 5R Barrel

- 20 and 27 inch barrel lengths (custom lengths available)

- BASED™ Software Safety Engineered Performance Barrel Design

- Integrated Muzzle Brake and suppressor system

- Huber Tactical 2-Stage Adjustable Trigger

- 3.5 lbs. trigger pull

- SABER® EO 34mm/30mm Scope Rings

- Unitized Monolithic Picatinny Top Rail 0, 20, 30, 40 and 60 MOA

- Co-Bore Aligned 1913 Spec Side Rails

- Long Range Day Optics: Leupold MK IV™, Nightforce NXS™, Premier Heritage™, Schmidt Bender PM-II™

- Short Range / Back-Up Sight: Insight Technology MRDS™

- A2-10rd Magazine, A1-5rd Magazine (5 supplied)

- MAGPUL® M1AD™ Hand Grip Set

- Grip Angle Adapters 11, 17 and 27

- Surface Coatings MIL-STD 810G Compliant Dull and Non-Reflective

- Color Flat Dark Earth

- <1MOA accuracy with 27 inch and MATCH ammunition at 1500 meters

- <1MOA accuracy with 20 inch and MATCH ammunition at 1500 yards

- <1MOA Deflection / POI Shift Suppressor On to Off)

- ASW338LM_20A2 MOD-I 14 lbs. (approx)

- ASW338LM_27A2 MOD-I 15.5 lbs. (approx)



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