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New Products & Client Services

NEW! SABER M700 Precison Bolt-Action Rifle

This modular sport utility rifle has AR functionality & Remington DNA.  The SABER M700 is an all American made sport utility rifle which grows with the shooter and is available through Cabela's online or in stores nationwide.

SUPRA Precison Light Rifle - AR Configurability in a Precision Bold Gun Design

SUPRA rifles are built on the versatile, low cost yet fully featured MRCS-AR modular rifle chassis and Ashbury's own line of precision manufactured SABER bolt action receivers in a wide range of popular calibers.

APO Introduced a Modern Classic Hunter Rifle

The JÄEGER Rifle is a classically designed custom hunting rifle built with precision machined stainless steel actions, match grade hand lapped barrels and advanced technology premium grade wood stocks.

APO Introduces Riflecraft Training Programs

Ashbury Introduces Riflecraft Field Shooting Clinics, Workshops and Courses.  Ashbury's lineup of full training programs, advanced skills workshops and field shooting clinics are designed to attract new outdoor-oriented millennials, active rifle shooters and hunting enthusiasts.

Ultimate RifleSports Experience for Adventure Vacations and Corporate Entertainment

The APO Experience affords guests the opportunity to spend three action-packed days in rustic mountain locations, guided by experienced long gun professionals, firing a variety of APO's hand crafted precision rifles in various calibers at targets out to a mile.

Next Gen Modular Chassis Uses AR Shoulder Stocks & Hand Guards

Utilizing the same Center Chassis Section module as all other SABER rifle chassis platforms, this model now integrates a wide variety of commercial AR shoulder stocks and hand guards. 

F-Open Competition Series Rifle Chassis Expands SABER Chassis Product Line

This year APO has continued evolving our Competition Series modular rifle chassis systems with a new F-Open Modular Rifle Chassis System engineered specifically for short and long action receivers.

Redefining Rifle Chassis Modularity for 2016

The SABER® Modular Rifle Chassis System was born from a need by shooters to have the same versatility from a bolt gun which was available from modern sporting rifles. Design parameters for the MRCS were defined by a broad range of dedicated bolt action rifle users in ten specific terms in the context of improvements.

New Super Magnum .408 & .375 CheyTac Calibers

APO has added two new calibers to our line of premium Asymmetric Warrior (ASW) precision rifles based on the new SABER VX bolt action receiver.

TACT3 Accupoint Tripod Provides Stability & Fine Horizontal-Vertical Control for Optics

Now joining the TACT3's GP, S, Q, QEL and SEL models is the new Accupoint.  Developed for tactical field use, the TACT3 Accupoint allows fine independent vertical and horizontal movement control of tactical optics weighing up to ten pounds.

SABER Family of Action Receivers

Ashbury’s New SABER® Bolt Action Receivers – A Strong Family of Octagonal High Performance Bolt Action Receivers for Hunting, Competition and Tactical Precision Rifles

Announcing the APO Custom Shop!

APO Custom Shop Now Upgrading M1911, Glock® and HK® Pistols – Former USMC Precision Weapons Section 2112’s Custom Crafting Pistols with Reflex Sights for 21st Century Personal Defense, Competitive Shooting, and LEO Operations

NRA F-Class Target Rifle (F/TR)

F/TR-308 Patriot: Ashbury’s Latest Competition Ready F-Class Target Rifles

APO Announces New SABER Precision Rifle (SPR)

Ashbury’s SPR-308 and SPR-308K1 – Modular, Ergonomic and Compact, New SABER Precision Rifles

Down Range Systems Bluetooth Module

Ashbury Introduces Down Range Systems (DRS) Bluetooth Modules for Wireless Laser Range Finder Ballistic Targeting

RSTA-II Tripod - Field Shooting Platform for Hunters, Tactical Competitors & Professional Marksmen

The RSTA-II Tripod Shooting System allows long gun users to shoot from a variety of alternate shooting positions while standing, kneeling or sitting whether on flat ground, rock strewn, steep mountainous or complex urban terrain.

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